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 MaxOffice 3.83 Up

We proudly present our new office solution. We are specialized on companies maintaining and repairing all sorts of equipment. Easiness to use and full integration with MaxService has been on the top of the wish list. We also have paid a lot of attention to search capabilities both on the ledger and the invoicing side. Invoice in many languages, view and copy details from old invoices among other new features.

 MaxService with new exciting functionality Up

MaxService now includes service requests, fault codes for each spare part, Nokia PT interface, HP Puma interface, logistics interface, equipment lists and locations for each customer as well as many other new exciting features. Automatic E-messages (SMS or e-mail)  with reports as attachments and printout of service reports automatically when invoicing guarantee jobs.

Another new feature is rental of equipment with profit calculations. Each device defined has the initial cost, monthly rent and the rental time. Each service done to the equipment will automatically be set up as costs for the device. A new report shows each income and cost as well as the final profit for the device.