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For companies that wants an easy way
of sending messages from any application without any new hardware or operator agreements


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E-Notify is a software solution, which is suitable for sending e-mail and SMS-messages (GSM text messages) from any application or web page. E-Notify is very easy to install and use because you do not need any agreements with your telephone company or any new hardware. The only requirement is a text file of a predefined format in a shared folder. We handle the rest.

You decide if you want to run it as a service from us or if you want to host everything yourself.

Benefits of the E-Notify software:

  • Easy to use interface with which you cand send an SMS message even with Notepad!

  • Safe because the traffic is encrypted

  • You can decide when the message is sent with date and time parameters.

  • Start with our service and buy the whole application later on if you want to

  • Cost effective. Practically no start up costs (no servers, no connection setup costs, no new server software). A monthly fee is charged + a charge per message.

We are looking for dealers. Contact us if you want to earn money on SMS messages from your application.


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